Being a subsidiary of PPT Capital, uBinary is proving itself as a leading binary options broker. The home page explains the mechanism behind binary trading in such a way that even a child could understand it. As it is a web-based platform like most other binary options platforms, you do not need to download anything. There is a link that directly leads to the registration form in the FAQ section.

uBinary Trading Platform

There are 3 sections on the uBinary trading platform: the ‘Dashboard’, ‘Menu’ and ‘Make a Trade.’ The Dashboard keeps you updated with information regarding your account, total pays and balances. In the Menu bar, you can choose the right assets to trade as well as view your open and closed trading positions. The choices are: Most Popular, indices, stocks, currencies, commodities and My Favorite, which lets you add your favorite assets to the tab. After picking an asset, you can customize the expiry time, the direction of the trend, and the amount you want to invest in the ‘Stake’ box. Then click ‘Submit.’

There is also a section call ‘Open Positions’ on the platform. From this section, you can gain access to information about open positions, including trend direction and stake. Moreover, you can use the Max Pay feature to help you determine whether the open trade is in a profit or a loss. If it is losing, you can choose ‘Buy Me Out’ to close the trade and get a return that is a part of your investment.

On the other hand, you can find all the trading positions that you have made in the ‘Closed Positions’ section. Information concerning how much you invested in each trade or how much you were paid on each one is shown. You can either browse in your closed position history, or view the closed position in full screen to see your trading pattern over the time.

You are able to view 4 option choices at a time from the ‘Trade Binary’ tab, and scroll left or right to make your choice. uBinary offers the most popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, as well as less common ones such as USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.


uBinary Trade Types

uBinary offers only several types of trades, including the classic High/Low options and short-term 60 Second options. A 2-minute and 5-minute platform is also available.

Trading Accounts

Traders are offered 3 types of trading accounts:

  • Standard Account

– Best for new traders. Minimum initial deposit required is $100.

  • Gold Account

– More suitable for experienced traders.

  • VIP Account

– For professional traders with a senior personal market analyst at their disposal.

uBinary Review – Ease of Use

Pix2It is very easy to register for an account at uBinary because the application form is right on the home page. You can also visit uBinary Education Center to see an animated video explaining the basics of binary options trading. If you wish to receive human interaction, the chat button for 24-hour assistance is highlighted on the right hand side of the screen.

On the front page, you can also find the scrolling news column that offers up-to-date news, charting software and streaming feeds. On the top lies the FAQ button, which clearly and precisely provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions by traders.

uBinary also provides a global economic calendar, from which you can find the upcoming events that are about to take place all over the world, as well as their significance.

uBinary accepts credit cards, uBinary cash and wire transfers. You are able to trade anywhere anytime, as long as you have access to your username and password. The broker is famous for offering high returns for small investment. Some trading methods, including the Above/Below, 60 Seconds, 2 Minutes and 5 Minutes are also offered.

After reading this uBinary review, we believe you know what to expect from this broker, and that you will have an enjoying trading experience with this broker for a long time.

Customer Support

At uBinary, you can seek for customer support 24/6. It is available via email, phone call or live chat.

uBinary Review – Reliability

Regarding technical reliability, the trading platform performs excellently. Trades are processed efficiently without delay. We found this hardly surprising, considering uBinary employs a group of full-time system analysts whose responsibility is ensuring the smoothness of everything.

Payment Processing

In order to ensure the smooth processing of payments, funds are channeled through these 3 means:

  • Credit Card
  • E-Wallet
    • Wire Transfer


  • User Friendly Trading Platform
  • Offers Generous 30% Welcome Bonus
  • Low Minimum Initial Deposit Requirement
  • Refer a Friend Program
  • Ongoing Promotions
    • Responsive Customer Service


The only disadvantage in using uBinary is the fact that one-touch platforms have not been offered yet.

uBinary Review – Conclusion

On the whole, uBinary lives up to the reputation they have earned. New traders will surely find it very pleasant to trade at uBinary thanks to its exceptional service and personalized one-to-one coaching. The high payout levels make uBinary even a better choice whenever it comes to binary options broker.