Ubinary New 2014 !

UBinary is an exciting new broker binary option created by innovative and experienced professionals with proven experience in the real world of finance and in particular binary options trading experience.

The bat, it is clear that UBinary has done much work on their website and their credit, it shows a sign of professionalism. In addition, it is quite easy to navigate and immediately get an overview of what they offer different services and trading hand.
Their approach to attract traders binary options was to minimize trading conditions and reduced transaction costs in general. They need to offer a low deposit for trading $ 100 which calls for the first time many traders and people looking to try the trading platform and the benefits.

There are certain features that make the simplicity of UBinary a good fit because they offer a smaller variety of options and the length of time to other commercial Web sites. 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes options expiration time are available on the site with a good selection of commodities, currency pairs and indices.
Supported languages are English, Arabic and French has it looks like they will be adding more languages soon. The service is offered by the regular channels and our extensive research, it seems that it is not outsourced and is more than capable of providing technical and commercial support 24 hours a day.
Their goal is to provide a non-commercial platform nonsense that can be evaluated by a level of trader.

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