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UBinary is a binary options broker registered in Malta whose founders claim to have over 50 years of experience in risk management, trading and forex markets. Are they able to leverage this experience exceptional service brokerage ? Read on to find out.
The UBinary site is strongly oriented on black and orange, which gives it a very sleek look. The home page has a fair bit of content (video introduction , scrolling ticker asset prices , new streaming) but the navigation bar above is fortunately clear. Design inspires confidence that the company is at least professional enough to hire decent web developers.


UBinary offers four categories of common assets for binary trade : foreign exchange, commodities , equities and simple indices. It lists a comprehensive selection of currency pairs, including almost any possible cross G10 and SEK and NOK ( Norwegian Krone and Swedish Krona respectively). However, the only currency available EM is ZAR . Rather than providing the underlying CADCHF eclectic as I would have liked to see the inclusion of TRY , MXN , BRL etc

What is more accusation, however, is that when I tried using their trading platform to trade these currencies , they were nowhere to be seen. In fact only 10 currency pairs are actually available for trading on . Maybe it was because I was looking in the early hours GMT ( Asian trading session ) – however, it was still pairs that are heavily traded in that timezone, like NZDJPY missing. I went back to take a look later during the hours from London and found a couple more pairs included, but no sign of USDSEK according USDNOK .

The list of commodities includes gold, oil , silver, NATGAS , corn and coffee. However once when I tried to find on the trading platform , none were available . Again, the time of day may have been a contributing factor, but I expect at least gold and oil , as great – and super- important liquid assets are available for trading on 24 hours per day.

Fortunately, this tendency to exaggerate does not hold for the indices and stocks , but unfortunately , it is because until recently claimed to be offered to everyone. The indexes include the United States, Europe and the Nikkei , but nothing else – no regional indices at all. Stocks are a little better, including most of the major names that traders want to bet on , but are still limited to less than 20 in number.
UBinary divides its binary types into 4 categories . Above / below is the binary class standard . For these , you choose your active , choose an expiration date , enter your game and click Send. The range of available expirations is 1 hour, 2 hours and at the end of the day, there are no more long-term options available .

60 second options allow you to bet on whether the price of your choice will be higher or lower at the end of 60 seconds, in fact, the other two categories are variations of it with different calendars. Looking at the range of assets for them , all currencies are available for standard binaries are also available for them.

However, there were only two proposed indices – DAX 30 and Dow Jones. Even more strange , gold and oil were offered despite not appear in the standard binary selection ! The jumble distribution of assets and categories of negotiation is confusing and leave many traders wondering why their favorite asset is negotiable in a class and not another .

Range of assets : 
For payments , UBinary chooses to provide numbers mean titer ( around 70% at best) . However , they also offer a refund for losing trades . Sounds good, but Refund will not seem to follow an obvious formula . For example, in the screenshot below, the USDJPY has a $ 50 rebate on a trade of $ 1,000 (if 5%), but EURGBP has a huge $ 110 discount. The best combination I could find was EURUSD with a payment of 71% on the victory and 9 % off lose . This is equivalent to a distribution of all or nothing 80% , which is a fair bit better than the average differences online. It should be emphasized that this is the best I could find and spread the difference between the active asset is high .
70 % is the most common payment for 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes of options , but you can find up to 75% of payments in liquid underlyings. Which firmly placed in the top category of brokers spreads for very short-term .

The platform UBinary is pleasing to the eye. It displays 4 graphics assets (and corresponding payment information ) at once, but it is possible to extend to everyone to take all the available space . The platform is light and sensitive, it does not suffer from latency issues that plague so many houses binary online trading . However, it has some shortcomings. The most frustrating part of the platform is that you can not customize the 4 windows for assets you want. For example , trade EURUSD, you do not take it from a drop down list which is typical of most platforms online , you must scroll through 4 sets of assets using the arrow keys (Capture screenshot below) until you find it. Needless to say, this is extremely inefficient and poor design . Fortunately , the fact that some assets are available anyway means you will probably not need to scroll more than twice to find what you need.
Mapping facilities are a little better than most online brokers . You can view a graph as a line graph , but also as a candlestick chart when maximized , which is very useful. The time available is also well thought out, with a good range of 1H 1A for standard binary option and an additional 5M for 60 seconds , 2 minutes and 5 minutes offerings. It’s a shame , however, that as with most other brokerages, there are no technical skills at all analysis.


Minimum deposit is only $ 100 UBinary . This is called a standard active and a welcome bonus of 30% account. There are also two other account levels : Gold and VIP , which are probably unlocked certain thresholds deposit . However, there is no information on the precise levels be assigned to these mechanisms. In any case, there is not much difference in earnings between the types of accounts, with the exception of VIP accounts get a higher bonus of 40%. Premium volume for heavy users do not seem to be offered .

As a final note , UBinary has a very smooth economic calendar that displays the main realeases data and events on the market with an estimate of their importance . It is not entirely complete , as forex G10 centered, but it is well presented and the range of change corresponds to their offerings.

UBinary a flexible and offer good spreads platform , and thereby clears two major stumbling blocks that trip up so many other online brokerages . However , lack of standard options and relatively low asset coverage and the lack of volume discounts mean that it is not the ideal brokerage house for experienced multi-asset traders. If you are a new yet come, you could do worse than to sign UBinary .

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